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27 Filmmakers Accepted into 7th Annual Latino Media Market, April 15-16, in Newport Beach, CA

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers has invited 27 filmmakers to participate in the 2011 Latino Media Market meetings during The New Now conference in Newport Beach, April 15-16, Out of a competitive pool of applicants, producers were selected to take meetings with executives and funders in the following categories: Low Budget Features in Development, Documentaries in Progress, Completed Features, and Non-Scripted TV concepts.

Sponsored by the NEA, the Latino Media Market™ is an executive meeting series for select projects to have scheduled pitches, presentations and meetings with industry executives, funders, distributors, commissioning editors, representatives, and potential partners. This year, LMM Fellows will have the opportunity to pitch representatives of such companies and organizations as Acuna Entertainment, A&E Television Networks, Gravitas Ventures, HBO, ITVS, KCET, Lifetime Television, LPB, Mun2, NuvoTV, Pantelion Films, POV, SNAGFilms, the Sundance Documentary Fund, ITVS, Maya Pictures, Screen Gems, V Me, Warner Bros., and many more!

NALIP would like to congratulate the following filmmakers:

Carlos Aguilar, Temple City, CA - "Clean & The F Word"
Rafael Aguilo, Carlsbad, CA - "The Main Event"
Chelo Alvarez-Stehle, Malibu, CA - Sands of Silence
Elizabeth Dell, Los Angeles, CA - Battle
Michael Gavino, Toluca Lake, CA - "Back in my Day & Slander"
Robert Gudino, Los Angeles, CA - Above the Fold
Fabio Herrera, Chicago, IL - Over and Over Again (Una y Otra Vez)
Eli Jimenes, Los Angeles, CA - Happy Birthday, I Hate You
Nicole Karsin, Los Angeles, CA - We Women Warriors
Cristina Kotz Cornejo, Boston, MA - Fate of the Unlearned
Gloria La Morte, Union City, NJ - Soledad
Lorena Manriquez, Pasadena, CA - Siqueiros: Walls of Passion
John McMahon, Rancho San Diego, CA - "Families of Deployment"
Andrea Meller, Los Angeles, CA - Now en Espanol
Lizbett Perez, New York, NY - Act Your Age
Jon Proudstar, Tucson, AZ - So Close to Perfect
Arnie Reyes, Austin, TX - "The Next Dragon"
Manny Rey, Lakeway, TX - Folie a Deux
Jojanie Segura, Austin, TX - "Are they Real?"
Sara Seligman, New York, NY - V-Factor
Iliana Sosa, Los Angeles, CA - "Fresas Uncensored"
Jennifer C. Stetson, Pasadena, CA - El Ray
Angel Vasquez, Toledo, OH - A Whole Lott More
Marlene Velasco-Begue, San Francisco, CA - Ransom Nation
Christian Vinces, Los Angeles, CA - In Juarez
Marco Williams, New York, NY - The Undocumented
Lisa Wilson, Sherman Oaks, CA - "Model Homes"

For more information on the Latino Media Market please visit:

The New American Reality

Who is The New Now? You've probably read the headlines: "New census milestone: Hispanics reach 50 million"; "U.S. Hispanic population tops 50 million" and one of our favorites "Los USA - Latino Populations Grow Faster with Wider Spread." The U.S. Census numbers have confirmed that the Hispanic population has reached an important milestone, the 50 million mark. We are waking up to a new reality, a new face of America. The New American Reality video by Univision speaks to the unique experience of being Latino in America today. Click here to watch it now!

NALIP Discount for Produced By Conference 2011

The Producers Guild of America (PGA) in association with the Association of Film Commissioners Int'l (AFCI) will hold the third annual PRODUCED BY CONFERENCE June 3-5, 2011 at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA.

For one weekend only, you will learn from the greatest producers in film, television and digital media. Plus, for the first time can meet with over 300 film commissions from six continents and forty countries with more than 2 billion dollars in financing, development funds and tax incentives. The Conference also features extraordinary panels and workshops, as well as incomparable networking opportunities.

You will have access to the best and brightest in the filmmaking community at one of the most useful conferences you will attend all year. Confirmed speakers include: Harvey Weinstein (The King's Speech), Marshall Herskovitz (Love and Other Drugs), Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead), Mark Gordon (Saving Private Ryan), Barry Jossen (Sex and the City), Lauren Shuler Donner (X-Men franchise) Sean Bailey (TRON: Legacy) and many, many more!

We are pleased to offer NALIP members a special affiliate rate of $495 (regularly $995) to attend the Conference. Please visit, click Register Now and select Affiliate Partner. This conference SOLD OUT last year, so sign up today!

Call for Entries: DocuWeeks 2011

DocuWeeks 2011 is IDAs 15th Annual theatrical showcase qualifying documentary features and shorts for the Academy Awards. Join the ranks of 26 Academy Award nominees and winners who have qualified their documentary feature or short at DocuWeeks. Final submission deadline May 10, 2011. Discounted entry fee for earlier submission. Visit the DocuWeeks website to learn more. Entries accepted online at Withoutabox.

Learn more about IDA and sign up for a free membership at

  Telemundo President Don Browne to Retire
(The Wrap) - Telemundo president Don Browne and Paula Madison, NBCUniversal's executive VP of diversity, are the latest executives to leave the company in the wake of Comcast's takeover. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

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INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: 10 Tips on How to Get a Meeting

By Suzanne Lyons

1) MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE ASSISTANT: When my husband took my Flash Forward workshop years ago, his goal was to set up 10 brief relationship meetings with showrunners of hour-long television. He did his research, organized a detailed binder listing all the info on the execs, and started his calls. He soon realized that the 'gate keepers' - the assistants - were who he really needed to get to know. Focusing on creating relationships with them over the phone was what opened the doors to the next step... getting the meeting. Also, the assistant is a wealth of information. They are tuned in to what's happening at their company, network, show. And someday soon they will be the boss. Get to know the assistant!

2) GET REFERRALS: Go through your visual relationship display. In previous newsletters I've talked about this visual display (Map of Relationships). It's a categorized list of everyone you know in the industry. Now it's time to put it to good use. Start to connect the dots. Who do you want to meet, and who on your display may know that person and be willing to make a referral for you? This would be a fun exercise to take on now! Get your Map in front of you and start connecting the dots. When you make your calls to set up the meetings make sure you mention the person who referred you right away. Mentioning the name of someone they know well will help tremendously when it comes to getting in the door.

3) NETWORKING: Speaking of your visual display, it's time to double it... or how about tripling it? Can you imagine how much easier it would be to get meetings if you simply knew more people, had more authentic relationships with more people in the industry? Join new organizations. Make a point of scheduling industry events in your calendar. When you're at an event, stick out your hand and introduce yourself. Even one networking event a month, with a goal of meeting two people is a total of 24 new people this year.


NALIPsters' "Name Our Doc Contest"

Open Lens Media is currently seeking support in naming its next documentary on Latinos in the media. NALIP members Miguel Picker (Producer and Director), Edwin Pagan (Producer and DP), along with NYU professor Chyng Sun, have been working on this film since last summer. Beginning April 15th, the filmmakers will be accepting submissions suggesting a relevant new name for documentary.

The current working title is "The Tainted Lens: Portrayal of Latinos in the Media." The synopsis is: This film examines Latino images in both news and entertainment media. It celebrates the struggles and achievements of Latino filmmakers, and explores ideas for media reform.

The participant whose submission is selected for use as the documentary's official name will receive a $100 cash gift and a consultant credit in the documentary. The winner will be announced at the film's Facebook page. The film is anticipated to premiere during September 2011 as part of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations.

Rules and Contest Guidelines:
- New name must be original and not being used currently in another film or documentary.
- The name must reflect the themes of the film.
- Each participant will be able to submit as many submissions as s/he wants.
- If none of the submissions are selected but a title inspires the final title, the person will receive a $50 cash gift.
- All entries should be sent to Miguel Picker:, by 11:59pm Eastern Time, 5 de Mayo! 2011.


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