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INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: The Difference Between a Fundraising Demo and a Marketing Trailer

Story Consultant Fernanda Rossi answered the following question for our NALIPsters in anticipation of the upcoming program Doing Your Doc to take place in Durham, NC, October 14-16. In addition to the two full day workshops on story structure and trailers, funders and industry professionals will be in attendance for lectures and one-on-one mentorship sessions. All info and registration online here.

Q: What's the difference between a fundraising demo and a marketing trailer beyond the obvious purpose?

Fernanda: Fundraising and marketing trailers are very VERY different. At the dawn of fundraising trailer history, some 10 years ago, people thought that a sample was a cross between a music video and a film preview. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

A fundraising demo has to convince a few people to spend a long time with you and a lot of money on the film, so there better be a story somewhere there. The marketing trailer has to entice a huge number of people to commit a few hours and little to no-money; in that case eye candy goes well with the popcorn.

Therefore a fundraising sample is more like a short without an ending: it has full scenes revealing excerpts of the story to-be and a cliffhanger in the end to imply potential for a longer story. On the other hand, the marketing trailer also known as a film preview is more like a music video: catchy sound bites, flashy montages and graphics. The main goal is to dazzle prospective lay audiences not to reassure investors and funders.


Deadline Approaching: Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival

The First Annual International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival acknowledges the founding presence and contributions of Puerto Ricans, as Latin@s, in Spanish (East) Harlem. It seeks to educate our audience on the richness of the Puerto Rican community; what Puerto Rican culture and identity is about and how it is expressed in every facet of life and the arts. The event will be held on November 19, 2011 at The Poets Den in Spanish Harlem of NYC.

The festival is accepting submissions for short films 30 minutes or less. Key personnel MUST be Puerto Rican (Producer, Director, DP, Editor, Actor(s)) OR subject matter MUST be either Puerto Rico or its people (diaspora included).

Deadline is October 15, 2011 and submission fee is $10.
Visit the festival's webpage for details an an application.

Shoot Latin America Expo, Nov. 5-6 in Santa Monica, CA

NALIP members and friends are invited to the Shoot Latin America Expo, taking place Nov. 5 from 11am to 7pm, Nov. 6 from 10 am to 3pm. at James Gray Gallery, Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica, CA.

The goal of this event is to help producers, filmmakers, location scouts, documentarians and others to learn more about the possibilities of shooting in the many different countries of Latin America. Attendees will be able to meet with production companies, services and film commissions that have been selected to participate by the Shoot Latin America team. There will be numerous exhibitors from many Latin American countries. The event will have food, entertainment and "fun" beverages from the regions and is guaranteed to be an entertaining and informative event.

To attend, please RSVP to:

NALIP Discount for Balanced Producer Seminar

NALIP members receive a special 20% discount to the first 20 people to sign up for this LA-based film finance seminar.

The Gillen Group Presents "Balanced Producer: Finance & Sell Your Film in the Digital Age"

Saturday, October 15, 2011 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Los Angeles Film Studies Center - Theater
5455 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1615, Los Angeles, CA 90036

This is the hands-on workshop many have been seeking and asking for to answer all their questions regarding financing their film. A full-day, detailed step-by-step guide to understanding all the financial sources for financing your film, and how to create all the tools necessary to close that financing: from business plans to financial projections to sizzle reels, and more.

Early Bird Discount: $150.00 plus an additional 20% Discount. Use Code: BPVIP
Only 20 Tickets at this Discounted Price!
Register for the seminar here.

  Shana Goldberg/JoAnna Garcia Comedy Lands At ABC With Production Commitment
(Deadline Hollywood) - Shana Goldberg-Meehan and JoAnna Garcia are returning to ABC. In a very competitive situation, the network has landed a comedy from Better With You creator/executive producer Goldberg-Meehan that is toplined by Garcia, that series' star. FULL STORY

CEO Gary Knell: 'We Must Depoliticize National Public Radio'
(The Wrap) - National Public Radio’s new president and CEO takes the helm of a news organization under increasing attack from conservatives for its perceived liberal bias and still reeling from a brouhaha that forced out his predecessor, Vivian Schiller. FULL STORY

Silvio Horta To Develop Comedy Series For Fox Based on Texts From Last Night Blog
(Deadline Hollywood) - Fox has tapped Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta to develop a half-hour comedy based on the infamous blog Texts From Last Night. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

Visit the NALIP Job Opportunities page for all the latest listings.

Assistant Professor of New Media, SUNY Purchase College (Purchase, NY)
The New Media Program at Purchase College invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professorship starting in fall 2012 with a focus on video. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

From the Editor
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Maria Hinojosa Discusses The Latino List on NPR

Interview by Michel Martin, audio available on NPR

In 'The Latino List,' Emmy Award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa profiles 15 high-achieving individuals who share their struggles and triumphs as Hispanics in America. Those profiled include U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and actors America Ferrera and John Leguizamo. Hinojosa and Michel Martin discuss the film and touch upon immigration news.

MARTIN: One of the ideas behind [the HBO documentary] "The Black List," which was also co-produced with Ellis Mitchell, that - to reclaim - it was kind of a play on the term the blacklist, which in its other meaning means kind of a list that excludes. And part of the idea was to redefine that. Is the idea behind "The Latino List" similar, in a way, to sort of reclaim or redefine what it means to be Latino today?

HINOJOSA: We had actually toyed with a different title, and it was going to be "Know Latinos," as in K-N-O-W. But because right now there's a real interesting sentiment in terms of Latinos, like, do you want them in this country or don't you? And that was like no Latinos, and it's like, no, actually know them, understand them.

And so yes, the sense of this film is you need to hear from us. You need to hear from Latinos. You don't actually - you know, with America Ferrera, for example, you know her as Ugly Betty, but you've never really spent much time with her, talking about her life.

You probably didn't know that she was from Central America. Her parents are from Central America. So it was really about putting a face on these many Latinos who are part and parcel, you know, I mean, the largest group of, quote, unquote, the largest "minority" in the United States. And that's a term I don't like to use, ever.

But that is what we're saying. Understand. And it was also an opportunity for many Latinos to kind of answer that question, that we don't actually ask ourselves very often, which is what is our experience as Latinos in this country? We talk about it all the time, but we don't really ask ourselves that question. And that was where we were trying to get with this documentary.


Victor Giovanny Parra
NALIPster video blogging travels through Mexico

NALIP member Victor Giovanny Parra has created a vlog (video blog) documenting his current travels in Mexico. It covers such topics as politics, social problems and animal abuse as well as the occasional fun and randomness that life holds. Click here to watch one of the most popular videos, or view Victor's YouTube channel here.


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