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INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: The Right Way to Approach Crowdfunding

By Shilpi Roy for Film Independent

Peter Broderick, the president of Paradigm Consulting and a guru of the digital distribution revolution, was on hand to moderate a panel about crowdfunding at the 2011 Film Independent Forum. He brought with him the masterminds behind two highly successful crowdfunding campaigns; the team for I AM I an indie narrative written and directed by Jocelyn Towne, and Nick Lewis, co-director of the soccer doc, Rise and Shine: the Jay Demerit Story. Ready to start soliciting money from people you know and people you don't? These tips come straight from the experts!

Make a really really really good video. I mean it, it has to be really good. The director and producers of the film I Am I had set a goal of $100,000 and ended up raising over $111,000! You know why? The director made an extremely fun and personal video that really connected with people she knew and didn't know. When I say "good" it doesn't have to be slick, well-edited, or even clever. It just needs to touch a people on a personal level, something that most internet videos fail to do.

Have a strategy. Ok, this one seems obvious, but all the really successful crowdfunding campaigns had a very detailed strategy that took at least a month to plan out. What is your fundraising goal, what will be your rewards structure, who will you target first? Second? Third? How will you keep your donors engaged throughout the campaign? What is your website going to look like (Yes, you definitely need to make a separate website for your film). If you can plan it out and execute it smartly, you're much more likely to reach your crowdfunding goal.


Call for Entries: National Geographic Society's All Roads Film Project Seed Grants

The All Roads Film Project is multimedia festival and grants program dedicated to providing a platform for indigenous and underrepresented minority-culture storytellers from around the world. The objectives are to showcase works by these artists to promote knowledge, dialogue, and understanding with a broader global audience.

The All Roads Seed Grant program funds film projects by or about indigenous and underrepresented minority cultures from around the world and seeks to support filmmakers who bring their community stories to light through first-person storytelling. Submission deadlines are the 15th of each March, June, September, and December. Grant award notifications are approximately six weeks later. For information, visit the program's webpage.

Guadalajara Film Market, Mar. 2-8

The 27 Guadalajara International Film Festival is pleased to announce the 10th Guadalajara Film Market that will take place on March 2-8, 2012, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Celebrating it first decade, the Guadalajara Film Market will gather outstanding film industry producers and buyers from around the world in an ideal setting for negotiations and sharing ideas. Aimed primarily for the Latin America, Spain and Portugal Market, this event has become one of the most important in the region as it represents a far-reaching showcase for cinematographic productions in search for distribution or the possibility of a sale.

By gathering producers, distributors and programmers from the audiovisual industry for business purposes, we have managed to position ourselves on the international stage as one of the most important strategic events for the film exhibition and programming sectors. Once again the Market encompasses our interest in providing full support to films from Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

For more information visit or email

Participate in "One Day on Earth," 11/11/11

On November 11th, 11.11.11, across the planet, documentary filmmakers, students, and other inspired citizens will record the human experience over a 24-hour period and contribute their voice to the second annual global day of media creation called One Day on Earth. Together, we will create a shared archive and a film. Last year on 10/10/10, we filmed in every country and shared over 3000 hours of video with our partners - please find the global video archive here.

The only rule is to film on Friday, Nov. 11 (anything, and one can submit as many clips as they want) - you will then have a month to upload to our site or you can also send us footage by USB key, SD card, etc if internet access is an issue. We are looking for a diversity of voices from each country.

For more information visit

  Jennifer Lopez Bringing 'Carmen Sandiego' to Big Screen
(Rolling Stone) - Jennifer Lopez has partnered with Walden Media to make a live-action film based on Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, the computer game used as a teaching tool in more than half of U.S. elementary schools. FULL STORY

'Blair Witch' Co-creator Inks Deal for 'Molly'
(The Wrap) - Image Entertainment has picked up U.S. rights to "Blair Witch Project" co-creator Eduardo Sanchez's "Lovely Molly," the company said on Monday. FULL STORY

Jobs & Opportunities

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The Creative Coalition Hiring for Four Positions (NYC)
The Creative Coalition, based in New York City, is hiring for four positions: Executive Assistant, Program Assistant, Press Associate, and Associate Manager. FULL JOB DESCRIPTION

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On this Veterans Day, NALIP wishes to thank all those who have served our country

Jesse Quinones
NALIPster awarded All Roads Seed Grant

NALIP LPA/LWL 2011 Fellow Jesse Quinones has been awarded a grant from All Roads Seed Grant program, a division of National Geographic. Stretching his 'other' creative muscles as a London-based documentary filmmaker, Quinones won the support for his wonderful documentary The Shoeshine Girls. With the funding, he is headed back to Bolivia to do final shooting on his characters' remarkable stories and finish the project.

The Shoeshine Girls is a one hour documentary about three shoe shining mothers fighting to give their children a better life in La Paz, the highest capital city in the world. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America and its capital is home to over 3,000 lustrabotas (shoe shiners). To be a lustrabota is to be the subject of ridicule and the target of incessant bullying. It is to be laughed at and belittled. Ignored and forgotten. They typically make as little as $1 a day. Many are self-harmers, homeless, and drug addicts. The Shoeshine Girls is an observational documentary taking you into the heart of this unique and heart-breaking world through the eyes of three courageous mothers who are trying to find a way out for their children. The filmmakers travelled to Bolivia in June 2010 and shot a taster tape, available here. Quinones describes this as an incredibly sad experience to witness the struggle and pain that these women endure.

Sonia Fritz
NALIPster's film opening Boston Latino Int. Film Fest

The Boston Latino International Film Festival (BLIFF) is pleased to announce that it will open its 10th anniversary celebration with a special presentation of the film América, directed by Sonia Fritz (LPA 2007, LWL 2008) and produced by Frances Lausell. The event, which will take place at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University on November 17, 2011, includes a screening of the film and a reception with the participation of producer and actor Edward James Olmos and actors Lymari Nadal and Yancey Arias.

America is the story of a 30-year-old mother who lives in a remote village in Puerto Rico. When their daughter runs away, America's abusive lover unleashes his rage against her. Fleeing, America escapes to New York City where she works as a nanny and hopes for a new life. She befriends three Latina nannies and with their help and support from relatives in New York, America is determined to bring her daughter back. But as she dares to dream of a life without violence, reality hunts her down.

Art Zapata
NALIPster's film The Last Musketeer screening on Nov. 16

NALIP member Art Zapata is the writer, principal producer and co-director (with Emre Korkmaz) of The Last Musketeer, which has an upcoming screening at "Tia Chuchas" on Wed., November 16 from 7:30-9:30 pm. A Q&A will take place with Art Zapata.


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