Few TV Shows Are Directed By Latinas. These Women Got Behind A Camera To Change That.

The ways we watch TV and movies have evolved, and it's time for the talent in front of and behind the camera to do the same. Film Forward speaks on the initiatives to diversify the film industry and the stories it tells. New articles premiere every second Thursday of — and throughout — the month.

While some people in Hollywood are making the effort to diversify characters on television, others are working to make the same change behind the camera by giving Latina directors a place to thrive. 

The amount of Hispanic women directing television episodes has historically been low and continues to be in the grand scheme of the industry. Earlier this year, UCLA released its annual Hollywood Diversity Report and found that in the 2015-2016 television season, minorities directed less than 10 percent of episodes of broadcast, cable, and digital scripted shows. The report also found women directed less than 20 percent of broadcast shows, while there were less than 10 percent of female directors who worked on cable and digital streaming shows.

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