Evelyn Ortiz

Evelyn Ortiz joined NALIP as the Media Summit Assistant Coordinator in 2015 and returned as the Media Summit Volunteer Coordinator in 2016. After college, NALIP was the first organization that she encountered that solely focused on nurturing Latino/content creators. It was during this time that she developed a strong community within the industry and established relationships with producers and executives that helped launch her career.

After the Media Summit, she worked on shows as a Production Assistant for Netflix, Disney, FOX, NBCUni, and independent content. She then continued to be the First Assistant Director for three feature films and various commercials. Ortiz accepted a position as an Associate Producer at FOX Deportes. She continues to expand and strengthen her skill set to eventually transition to an Executive Producer or Showrunner position.

In regards to NALIP, she states “NALIP does such an amazing job at planting seeds. It's up to every individual to nurture that seed.” She continues to support NALIP's mission and strongly enforces the "your victory, is my victory" mentality that is so prominent within the organization.

Ortiz’s passion for storytelling drives her work and supports her life mission to push humanity forward into a better tomorrow. She says, “My mentor shared once......Humanity needs scientists and artists. Artists create something out of nothing, and it’s not always profitable, but it moves people and the way it inspires and changes ideas, that’s where power lays.”