Erin Ramirez

Director Biography

Erin Nene-Lee Ramirez is a filmmaker and an award-winning visual artist. Originally from New Hampshire, Erin moved to Los Angeles to pursue cinematic arts. His most recent work, La Guerra, follows a young, adolescent woman who takes on new responsibilities after facing her parents' deportation. The story highlights a unique narrative that is increasingly becoming more common as the United States undergoes a change in its political climate. His stories focus on humanizing people and providing a voice to those who are frequently underrepresented in the media. He holds a BA in Broadcast and Digital Journalism and Film Studies from the University of Southern California.

Director Statement

I believe that film and visual media have the power to educate audiences and help transform the way we perceive our reality. I strive to create non-fiction, visual narratives that inform public audiences of contemporary issues and help unite people from different communities. My goal is to help provide an honest voice for marginalized communities. I believe that education is at the forefront of change and that quality films are the best way to help improve society.

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