Diverse Intelligence Series 2019: La Opportunidad Latinx: Cultural Currency And The Consumer Journey

Posted by on August 15, 2019

This report, created by The Nielsen Company, is structured around the ever-evolving Latinx consumer path to purchase so that marketers can build their outreach plans around relevant, impactful and effective strategies that build an authentic and sustainable connection with these consumers. Within this report, the analysis of influences and influencers along the latinx consumer journey is important in realizing the importance of latinx power within the entertainment industry.

Ninety-seven percent of Latinx households own a smartphone. Adult Hispanics spend only 2 fewer hours each week using websites/apps on their smartphone (27:11) than they do on live+time-shifted TV (29:28). A mobile outreach strategy is an absolute must for companies seeking to reach Latinx consumers. However, marketers should not overlook traditional media when building Hispanic outreach plans. After all, 96% of these consumers listen to radio weekly, making the medium one of the most reliable to reach Latinx consumers.

The top two genres of TV shows for all Latinx age groups are participation variety (including reality shows) and award ceremonies with conversation or talk shows coming in third (unique to Latinx consumers vs. the total population). Daytime dramas are popular with both younger and older Latinx viewers. Latinx families cherish shared experiences. Savvy marketers should look to connect across generations to truly connect with Latinx households.

Latinx adults spend much more of their entertainment time with audio and video (69% of total entertainment time spent) compared to the general population (54% of total entertainment time spent). This insight provides a starting place to engage with Latinx consumers on the content platforms where they spend their time—which is key as these platforms proliferate.

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