DGA Releases Report On Increase In Hiring Minority and Women Directors for TV Shows

The DGA has recently released a report titled, "DGA 2016-17 Episodic TV Director Diversity Report", which shows that ethnic and gender diversity is on an increasing trend. I the 2016-2017 TV season, The percentage of episodes directed by ethnic minorities rose by 3 percentage points to a record 22% of all episodes, while the percentage directed by women went up 4 points to 21% of all episodes, another all-time high. 

Breaking down out of all tv episodes, Caucasians (male and female) directed 78% of all episodes, African-Americans directed 13%, Asian-Americans directed 5%, and Latinos directed 4%.

Below is a chart ranking the major TV Studios on the percentage of women and minority directors hired. 

Chart Courtesy of The Director's Guild of America

 Although it is good news to hear that diversity is growing in television, Latino's make up the smallest percentage of directors of television episodes, showing that there is plenty of work left to have those percentages better reflect the demographics of America. “While this report, and our recent report on hiring of first-time TV directors, reflect some progress overall, there are stark disparities among the major studios that raise questions about how committed to inclusion some employers really are,” said DGA President Thomas Schlamme. “We want to make sure that every talented individual has an equal shot, and a path forward. But for that to happen, employers must expand their hiring processes to discover the world of capable directors hiding in plain sight. Frankly, it’s hard to understand why they’re not doing more. Even if all the right reasons are not enough for them, they should at least be motivated by the bottom line – inclusion just makes good business sense.”

Comparing figures for 2016-2017 with 2015-2016, this year’s report shows that: 

  • The percentage of episodes directed by Caucasian males decreased from 67% to 62%; 
  • The percentage of episodes directed by minority males increased from 16% to 17%; 
  • The percentage of episodes directed by Caucasian females increased from 14% to 16%; and 
  • The percentage of episodes directed by minority females increased from 3% to 5%. 

You can read the entire report from the DGA here



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