#CreateWithUs, Create With NALIP


by Margie Moreno, NALIP Board Chair

It’s an exciting time to be a Latin@ creative in today’s media landscape, and as the NALIP Board Chair I’m proud to be part of an organization where our work has proven quintessential in the advancement of Latin@s in media. We are continuously working to bring you, our members, innovative programming and events that re-define how your projects are developed and presented to industry partners to move you forward. With the start of 2016 we’ve implemented a new board structure, where currently 50% of our board of directors are new members, representing a wide variety of media fields in leading positions specifically targeted to support the mission and vision that is NALIP.

That commitment and mission is to our members - we will always work to promote advance, inspire and protect our members’ interests. As a membership organization, NALIP’s success and advancement is completely aligned with that of our members. While we help Latin@ creators at large, it is specifically through our membership where we close the gap, to truly move Latin@ content forward. It is through this relationship, that you, our members have a strong presence in NALIP’s future, collectively, as only together can we advance.

In 2015 we asked you to join us in creating tomorrow together. Well, today is that tomorrow, and we now ask you to create. As the conversation on the lack of diversity in Hollywood continues to come into play, it is more important than ever for Latin@s to CREATE. And we ask that you #CreateWithUs. As a non-profit, we exist to empower you, and not profit from you. Our programs are designed to advance you, the creator, while also providing a bridge to the industry in a respectful dialogue to open access and opportunities that impact not only the creator but the industry. With this recent industry diversity dialogue, now is our time, and we are ready, ready to share the talent of what our members can do. What they can CREATE.

Just as our programs and events aim to advance and promote our members, the same holds true for that of our partnerships and commitments - as we work with these partners to raise a collective voice to provide opportunity. When these partnerships work against our members interests, we are quick to speak out and look for alternatives, always with our members interests in mind. While our partnerships are important, our commitment is to our members, as we never offer, give, or provide information about our members without their acknowledgement. These alliances are important when fostering a creative space - but we are an independent organization, just as our independent members. Our actions and decisions are our members’ actions and decisions, and we are cognizant of that.

As we embark on the 2016 NALIP Media Summit to bring you industry relevant topics, workshops to enhance your existing skills, keynotes to inspire you, and parties to celebrate you, we must remind you - no urge you - to create. Come #CreateWithUs, share with us your vision, your stories, your voice. Join the collective creative force that is NALIP. That is our members. That is you.



Margie Moreno

Chair of NALIP Board of Directors