Vimeo is growing like a magical beanstalk and the word department needs some help. If you find yourself chuckling at other people’s malapropisms, sneaking off to the bathroom to read Ulysses Annotated, and/or writing punchy headlines to describe mundane moments in your life (“Elevator Conversation Expertly Avoided”), we would like to hear from you. Actually, there is no audio component to the job application, so “hear from you” is a bit inaccurate. But you already knew that.

Location: New York, NY 

Anyway, here is what the Copywriter, Product Messaging (possibly you!) will do:

+ Assist in concepting and creating all manner of written deliverables for Vimeo: from marketing emails to blog posts to banner ads to postcards to temporary tattoos. And the occasional permanent tattoo.

+ Play a major role in developing cool messaging to shout (or whisper) via our social media channels, and manage the daily planning scheduling of posts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, and more.

+ Help oversee and obsess about the consistency and quality of our brand voice and make sure we always sound like us.

+ Proactively scour and continuously edit and improve existing copy. 

+ Partner with cool people on different teams from all around the company: design, community, sales, marketing, HR, PR, business development, and sometimes even straight-up development.

+ Bring chill positive vibes to our office.


Here is what you need to be successful in this job: 

+ A total badass mastery of the English language.

+ Preferably some experience working on an Internet product or service, or a great enthusiasm for creating beautiful Internet products / services.

+ An innate understanding of hashtags, handles, likes, tumblogs, ‘grams (not THAT kind), snaps, and other such ephemeral social paraphernalia.

+ The desire to quickly adapt and sometimes fly by the seat of your jean shorts in order to help us grow a brand that is rapidly evolving. 

+ Huge brains, astounding mental flexibility, and rapier wit. 

+ The verbal skills of the most articulate Wu-Tang member and the ability to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely. And with mad style, son!

+ Stellar copyediting, proofreading, and copy-enhancing chops, the last being the ability to take anything from raw material to nearly finished text and turn it into a great idea and/or a polished piece.

+ The intestinal fortitude to say “no” to things you don’t believe in, or things that don’t meet our brand/voice guidelines.

+ An uncontrollable desire to make sentences shorter and funnier.

+ A willingness to participate in brainstorming sessions, design reviews, meetings with partners, and lunches on the High Line.

+ Plenty of marketing smarts, but also a healthy skepticism of marketing.

+ The knowhow to put together a copy deck that designers and other humans can understand.

+ A portfolio of ad copy, brand copy, UX/instructional copy, and maybe even some editorial flimflammery.

+ The ability to explain the difference between i.e. and e.g. (yes, there will be a quiz).


To apply, please send us these things:

+ Your sick (in a good way) resume

+ A non-generic cover letter

+ A link to your portfolio or blog or whatever digital repository you use to stockpile accomplishments

+ A short list of cherished malapropisms

+ A Vimeo blog post that touches on three things: the value of Vimeo Plus; one recent Internet meme of your choosing; and pizza.