Chapter Operating Procedures


1. Chapters and Chapters-in Formation must hold regular elections to establish or confirm leadership structure and responsibilities to the Chapter each year. Failure to hold participatory elections within an 18 month period may result in decommissioning of an approved Chapter.

2. Chapters must hold an Open Call for Nominations which includes a formal public announcement to all Chapter members in good standing. It should seek viable candidates who wish to participate in some leadership capacity for a specific term. The announcement should outline clearly the roles and responsibilities for open seats in the Chapter management structure determined by the Chapter-formation committee or the current membership. If there is some disagreement about the titles or structure most appropriate for a given Chapter, then the various proposals shall be written up and put to a vote of the membership prior to the nomination call for open seats and elections for specific candidates.

3. Interested candidates should submit their Letter of Intent (LOI) to a designated Nominations member of the Steering Committee or current leadership committee, in order to be considered for a specific post of interest. This Letter should include a brief biography and vision platform for the post.

4. A paper or email vote shall be held after public dissemination of candidate platforms with a finite date for voting. Where the process for or results of a Chapter leadership election are contested by some member or group of members within the Chapter, neutral elections will be administered by the NALIP Executive Director and Membership Coordinator.

5. Votes will be tabulated and results publicly announced to all Chapter members on a timely basis. The NALIP Board and Staff will be copied on the results of all elections within a Chapter or Chapter-in-formation.

6. Elections are ratified and formally approved by NALIP National, thereby vesting Chapter leadership with the legal authority held by NALIP. (??) NALIP National will officially recognize the elected leadership on all NALIP National materials (LMRG, Website, etc.), as well as in regional points-of-contact.

Start-up Committee Responsibilities

1. As representatives of NALIP National, all start-up committee members and all Board Members must be conversant with the names and bios of NALIP National Board members and staff, as well as NALIP National mission, programs and services.

2. Boards should be responsible for the following – the titles may be chosen by individual chapters, and board positions may be merged, but all functions must be maintained and carried out.

• President/Chair - Supervise, coordinate, oversee, and provide organizing and leadership support for all Board positions as well as maintain communication with NALIP National and local chapter. Identify new opportunities for partnerships with local organizations and institutions.
• Secretary/Treasurer - Maintain a record (minutes) of all meetings of the chapter and start up board. Organize and keep track of all financial transactions, including setting up a bank account (unless using NALIP-National’s), record income and expenses, and report financial status to the Start- up or leadership Committee.
• Marketing/Outreach/Communications – Build bridges to partner organizations, publicize events to the community through listservs, and notices in the media, market organization and local members’ activities and successes through press releases, placing of articles in publications or websites, etc., The public face of each chapter lives permanently on the NALIP National website. Someone in each chapter must be responsible for helping build, maintain, and encourage local members to submit to the Chapter web pages.
• Membership – help serve, communicate with, recruit and develop new members by organizing at least quarterly membership events and promoting participation in the organization.
• Programming - initiate and organize professional development opportunities, screenings, panels, or other events.

3. Board members must make an effort to attend all local NALIP member events and to attend the National conference yearly.

Download a PDF of the NALIP Chapter Handbook