Criteria for Approval of Chapter

1. Start-up Committee must be comprised of members-in-good standing (i.e. dues paying members)

2. Start-up Committee must articulate how chapter establishment and services further NALIP National mission and service goals

3. Start-up Committee must evidence demonstrable support for the establishment and maintenance of chapter (i.e. critical mass of dues paying members in specific region or organized around specific special interest area)

4. Members of the Start-up Committee must have a track record of a minimum of one-year of organizing activities in conjunction with NALIP National and/or other media/entertainment entity

5. The Start-up Committee must commit to serve for a two year period in leadership roles (i.e.: officers) until chapter is approved and has completed one full fiscal year cycle

6. Start-up Committee must submit financial materials (including operating budget and financial planning documents) that demonstrate sound fiscal goals

7. Annual Chapter fee may be waived by NALIP Board or Executive Director

8. Start-up Committee should be designated as such: they may be the NALIP Chapter Steering Committee, the Chapter Organizing Committee, Leadership Council, or some other name that suggests a pre-election leadership for the Chapter-in-formation. The Start up Committee may be organized with titles, agreed upon by all members of the Committee, each member receives one vote; or they may operate as a title-free committee where each member takes leadership responsibility for an area of development (e.g. Fundraising, Membership, Communications, Nominations & Governance, etc).

9. Start up Committee must develop a plan for participatory elections to determine leadership titles and roles in the Chapter. No titles (e.g. Chair, President, Officer, etc.) may be used or assigned in association with a Chapter until approved by a majority of the Chapter members following the guidelines set forth below (“Operating Procedures”).