Communication Policy

Communication between the Board and the membership is a crucial part of a successful organization. NALIP’s Board and its membership will communicate through a wide range of means, including but not limited to:

A. Website: The website will maintain updated information about programs, jobs, opportunities, membership services, and upcoming events. It shall also house background information and organization documents such as history, mission, Board minutes, membership benefits and by-laws.

B. Annual or bi-annual Letter from the Chair: To detail the organization’s activities, progress and new initiatives.

C. Conference: The National Conference will include a Town Hall meeting in which members can discuss and relay matters of mutual concern.

D. Chair Access: Individual members may relay their ideas or concerns by attending the NALIP quarterly Board meetings and/or by communicating in writing with the Chair.

E. Executive Director Access: The Board requires that the Executive Director write a quarterly letter to the Membership, as well as to disseminate timely information regarding opportunities, services or new benefits as these become available.

F. Membership handbook posted on the website.