Member Chapters

Members may organize as NALIP regional Chapters to further the empowerment of Latino producers in their regions. NALIP Chapters may not incorporate as a separate organization, but can organize internally as best suits their objectives.

A. Chapters will be comprised of dues paying members in good standing of NALIP National

B. Chapters shall be entitled to the use of the NALIP name, access to NALIP’s not-for-profit status and fundraising under NALIP’s 501-c-3, start-up and organizing support, an annual stipend towards marketing and networking gatherings, a web page at the National website and priority to their applications for support from the Program Fund

C. Chapters will agree to operate in accordance with the mission and guidelines prescribed by NALIP National as set forth in Membership Handbook

D. Chapters will be formed according to geographic / regional interests. Under special circumstances, chapter may be formed according to other "special" interest areas as determined by membership; in these cases, chapter application will be reviewed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

E. Chapter Formation will be initiated by the filing a Letter of Intent that will be reviewed by Chapter Review Committee, an ad-hoc committee of the Board and membership that will review Letters on a quarterly basis.

F. Chapter applicants will work with the Executive Director to complete the Chapter Application process which shall include, but not be limited to:

a. Letter of Intent.
b. Petition of support with 10-12 member signatures.
c. Operating budget.
d. Proposed list of chapter activities for 18 month/ period
e. Proposed Fundraising Plans.
f. Signed statement of proposed officers to serve for a minimum of one-year upon approval of application
g. Submission of annual chapter fee, the amount to be determined by the Board of Directors which may be waived by the NALIP National Executive Director and/or the NALIP Board, upon request and review.

G. All chapters will have ample latitude in raising operational expenses and additional programmatic funds above their annual allocation on a local level. No local chapter shall seek funding or in-kind contributions from any entity with a national presence or which is a subsidiary or partner of a national entity unless approved IN WRITING by NALIP National Executive Director. Fundraising proposals must be submitted in draft form to the NALIP National Executive Director for review and corrections prior to any application for funding; a file copy of all final proposals must be sent to the NALIP national office for the corporate records.

H. All chapters will be required to submit an annual report and fiscal accounting of activities and expenditures, including a plan for the upcoming year’s budget and activities, in order to continue as a chapter 'in good standing.' Failure to submit required information on a timely basis will result in suspension of chapter affiliation and possible revocation of chapter membership with NALIP National.

I. Board of Directors shall publish on the website and also distribute a Membership Handbook that will include criteria for approval of chapters, revenue sharing, chapter operating procedures and fiscal management, and Chapter fee levels, if any.