Cast Of ‘East Los High’ Talks Emmy Nominations & Making TV History On Hulu’s First Latino Series

On July 15, Hulu will release East Los High’s third season. The show is set in a high school in East L.A. and never shies away from juicy drama. For two seasons, we’ve seen characters get pregnant, develop AIDS, and learn some lessons along the way. This season will dive into drug trafficking, child abuse, and abusive relationships. Don’t worry, the Bomb Squad is still there and better than ever – now it’s co-ed!

It’s easy to dismiss the series as an hour-long after school special, but what this show is doing is unique. Everyone involved, from creators Carlos Portugal and Kathleen Bedoya, to casting director Blanca Valdez, to the on-screen talent, has Latin blood flowing. Hulu doesn’t disclose rating numbers, but with three Emmy nominations and a highly anticipated third season packed with guest stars, we can assume the show’s doing well.

I got a chance to speak with cast members Vannessa Vasquez (Camila), Danielle Vega (Ceci), and Gabe Chavarria (Jacob). After learning that I was Puerto Rican and singing Nina Sky’s “Oye Mi Canto,” it got real – East Los High style. Check out our conversation below.

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