Carlos Gomez

SAND AND BONES The Movie Trailer

The contents of a suitcase, guarded with great jealousy by a strange being, causes ambition and greed to those whom come in contact with it. When Micha, a cult leader, learns that the suitcase was found, he contacts Mark, a man who has spent most of his life between the streets and prison, to retrieve the suitcase and deliver it to him.

After his girlfriend and friends refuse to help, Mark asks Sergio, his former jail mate, to help him recuperate the suitcase and deliver it to Micha. Sergio seeks the opportunity to stay with the suitcase and to get rid of Mark, not knowing that in his attempt, along with his accomplices, will end up being victims of ambition carried out by a strange being whom will make sure they do not touch the contents within the suitcase.

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