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    EL Canto del Colibrí

    A documentary

    Marco Castro-Bojorquez

    “El colibrí lleva de aquí para allá los pensamientos de los hombres”

    I made my new documentary, El canto del colibrí, because of the lack of family acceptance in most marginalized communities. Some families of color lack the resources to understand their children’s journey as they come out of the closet or they transition. Two completely different experiences that most of the time are lumped together.

    I wanted to create a film that reflected the strength and the resiliency of Latino immigrant fathers, their families and their communities. I met amazing people that, without much difficulty, opened their hearts. We certainly were able to perceive their sophisticated and simple approach to parenting, all centered in the love that parent and child have for one another. But a type of love without limits or conditions. They said that what they felt for their children is absolute and it made them a better person.

    There was a lot of heartbreak during the process of making the film. During post-production, I learned that my own father was gravely sick and I had to go to Mexico immediately. He never saw the final product, but I told him about it. I’ll treasure that moment and I’ve dedicated the film to him, Camilo Castro from La Reforma, Sinaloa, Mexico.

    Marco Castro-Bojorquez is the Community Educator Lambda Legal’s Western Regional Office. Most recently, he directed the documentary El canto del colibrí (The Hummingbird’s Song). @bojorquez @delcolibri @lambdalegal

    Here our trailer

    Thank you NALIP

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    Un trabajo extraordinario de Rigoberto que me emocionó muchísimo. Estaba yo como jurado en el festival El Lugar Sin Limites, en Ecuador y Carmín Tropical me transportó a un mundo que desgraciadamente es muy real y es la violencia existente y estúpida en contra de nuestras hermanas transgénero , la película logra capturar esa dualidad casi efímera de la belleza y el terror en fun, tienen que verka con el corazón porque es un trabajo exquisitamente especial.