NALIP BOD Meeting: Via Teleconference – Saturday, October 2, 2010

Present: Moctesuma Esparza, Elaine Romero, Arturo Barquet, Flavio Morales, Kirk Whistler, María Agui Carter, Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Jose Tillan

Absent: Alexis Garcia, Evy Galan, Rick Ramirez, Vangie Griego, Bernardo Ruiz, Beni Matias

Staff: Kathryn Galán, Octavio Marin

Meeting called to Order at 11:05 am PDT

1. Motion by Tillan to approve agenda; second by Zaldivar. VOTE: Unanimous.

2. Treasurer’s report by Whisler reviewed and discussed. LPA being underbudget despite a solid representation of 35 Fellows was commended. 12-31-09 Audit Review report also submitted and discussed, with NALIP scheduled for a full audit again of FY2010 financials. Whisler wondered if NALIP could ever access the Raza Development Fund in lieu of our traditional bank LOC; Esparza suggested it was best for real estate collateral-based loans.

3. Development report reviewed with Galan and Whisler. New grants were welcome programmatic support. A board member needed to lead the Q-4/10 and Q-1/11 development efforts.

4. Strategic Planning Retreat set for Dallas, Oct. 23-24. Zaldivar and Carter presented four questions to be posed by each board member to 3-4 members of the field in various sectors. Staff to canvas chapter leaders and trustees, then assemble this and other data into retreat materials binders. Trustee Cynthia Lopez to facilitate the retreat.

5. Conference 2011: Co-chair offered to Soledad O’Brien; unfortunately she will be recovering from surgery. Other ideas include Jimmy Smits and Sofia Vergara as inspiring producer/performers in the field. How to reach the bilingual, bicultural audience, and how to advance the stories and careers of U.S. Latinos who live here are key interests of our members and funders alike. Release of 2010 census data anticipated as part of the April event, as well. Barquet to look at either a panel or half day think tank on high level professional/executive level to look at why films are not in development at studios and networks that target this market; documentable successes past and present would be included. Ways to offer the 12th conference as a convergence – to serve our members while educating the industry – were discussed. Conference committee to include Carter, Barquet, and Zaldivar. Awards committees needed.

MOTION by Zaldivar to invite 2010 Lifetime Achievement Awards winners Rita Moreno and Martin Sheen to receive their awards at Conference 12; second by Carter. Vote: Unanimous.

6. Nominations committee report submitted, in advance, by Matias.
MOTION by Whisler to nominate Marcos Gonzalez to the NALIP board of directors; second by Barquet. Vote: Unanimous

MOTION by Whisler to nominate Joseph Torres to the NALIP board of directors; second by Carter. Vote: Unanimous.

7. Advocacy report presented by Esparza. Recommends that NALIP board and staff build relationships with the other NLMC coalition members, notably NHMC’s Alex Nogales, and LULAC’s Brent Wilkes to activate NLMC in Washington, D.C. Carter and Galan to plan a trip to Washington, D.C. for November and New York to meet with Lillian Rodriguez about our petition to join the NHLA. HACR application was submitted by staff in July.

8. Membership report submitted by new coordinator Icela Nayhr Bracamontes.

9. New Business: Romero discussed a proposed new program to support Latino television writers. She noted that there is considerable need, and not to limit it only to represented or previously staffed writers as that would not serve enough of NALIP’s membership. Carter suggested we discuss it, in the context of existing programs and 2011 budget, at the Strategic Retreat and December meeting.

10. 1:20 pm – Executive Session.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 pm PDT
Minutes submitted by Kathryn Galan, Executive Director

NALIP Supplemental BOD Meeting: Irving, TX – Sunday, October 24, 2010

Present: Kirk Whistler, María Agui Carter, Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Jose Tillan, Vangie Griego, Bernardo Ruiz, Beni Matias, Joseph Torres, Marcos Gonzalez
Absent: Moctesuma Esparza, Elaine Romero, Flavio Morales, Alexis Garcia, Evy Galan, Rick Ramirez,
Staff: Kathryn Galán, Octavio Marin

Meeting called to Order at 8:05 am CDT
1. Motion by Whisler to approve October 11 minutes; 2nd by Tillan. Vote: UNANIMOUS
2. MOTION by Whisler to nominate Agui Cater and Ruiz for second board of directors terms; second by Griego. Vote: Unanimous.

Vote on new board candidates tabled to Dec. 11 meeting.


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