Blindspotting Screening with Q&A with Director, Carlos Lopez Estrada

Posted by on July 13, 2018


The NALIP special screening of “Blindspotting,” this past Monday was a success as NALIP members filled the Landark Theatre and brought insightful questions for the Q&A with Director Carlos López Estrada. If you weren’t able to attend make sure to check which theaters near you will be screening the limited premiere on July 20th as well as the extended nationwide premiere on July 27th, but meanwhile watch our recap video here!


"Im a Mexican man who is telling stories that I care about, and will hopefully find an audience that cares about these stories. What they look like, how they speak, and whether this or that should not matter, should not carry any weight and should not make a difference. I think what people should focus on is the fact that I'm telling stories that I'm passionate about and that alone will offer people to feel passionate about them too and to connect to them." -Blindspotting Director, Carlos Lopez Estrada 

Check out NALIP interview with Director Carlos Estrada below!

What is the key message that you want audiences to take away from Blindspotting?

Carlos: Trying your best to step outside of yourself and understand that your reality may not be the only reality and that people around you may experience things differently than you do and that the only way to ever reach a point of understanding.

What was the experience having Blindspotting world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

Carlos: I’ve never been to Sundance and I’ve also never made a movie so everything about it was new and weird and fantastically complicated. But it was a blast. There really isn't a better platform for an indie film movie then Sundance is so we were extremely honored to have joined the Festival this year and very happy.

What do I think I can do to help underrepresented emerging content creators to pursue a career in film directing and producing.

Carlos: I hope that as a Mexican American living in the states and directing movies helps the conversation. I hope that people sitting in this theater today and people who watch the movie later this month find some sort of validation in the fact that I am young and brown and I am following my dreams and they can too.

A special thank you to Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment, and Allied Contigo for making NALIP's exclusive screening of Blindspotting a total success!

If you could not make it to the screening, check out some highlights here!

Thank you to Blindspotting Director, Carlos Lopez Estrada for staying for our Q&A!