Black History Month: Afro-Indigenous Films to Watch

Posted by on February 24, 2023

NALIP knows the importance of representation and the importance of having BIPOC filmmakers tell their stories. Thus, we want to uplift and highlight Black/African-American voices that show the diversity of the African diaspora.


Here are films that showcase voices from Afro-Indigenous communities.

What is Afro-Indigenous?

Afro Indigenous peoples are those who have both Indigenous and African lineage. 



1. Afro Native Narratives

Courtesy of I Love Ancestry


An interactive documentary film project by Macha Rose, Michael Santiago and Adrien Heckstall in partnership with I Love Ancestry to explore and assist in the preservation of Afro Native identity through the use of photography and video. 

Where to Watch: YouTube


2. By Blood (2015)

Courtesy of IMDb


This documentary captures the surprising story of American Indians of African descent, or Freedmen, as they battle their own tribes and the federal government to regain their tribal citizenship. The film documents the different ways indigenous American Indian tribes, their minority members, and surrounding communities are confronting racism and intolerance.

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3. American Red and Black: Stories of Afro Native Identity (2006)

Courtesy of Alicia Woods


This intimate film follows six Afro-Native Americans from around the U.S., as they reflect upon the personal and complex issues of Native and African heritage, history, multiracial ethnic identity, and racism.

Where to Watch: YouTube or Vimeo