Bentonville Film Festival Waives Fee For First 10 NALIPSTERS


The Bentonville Film Festival is excited to announce that we are currently accepting submissions for our second annual festival which will be held May 3-8, 2016.


The mission of the festival is to CHAMPION WOMEN & DIVERSITY IN MEDIA! BFF is the only festival in the world to offer guaranteed Theatrical distribution as well as Digital/VOD and DVD release for three of our winning films


For more information about BFF and our submissions process, please check out our website


As part of our partnership with NALIP, we've created waivers for the first 10 NALIPsters to submit their film for free to the festival.



Please follow the instructions below.
  1. Select the appropriate category to submit to, and click "Submit Now"

  2. On the "Submission Details" page, locate the "Special Waiver" section

  3. Select the option that says:

    b) I have received a Fee Waiver, but not a Deadline Waiver

  4. Enter [Wendy Guerrero] in the “Who granted the waiver?” field

  5. Enter [NALIP] in the "Reason for waiver?” field

  6. Enter waiver code [7VESXF7] in the field titled "Waiver code"

  7. Complete the remaining sections of the page, and then click Send Submission &



Once the 10 free waivers have all been used, members of NALIP can still submit their films with a $10 discount. See the fees below:

  Regular Price NALIP Price
Nov. 2nd Early Entry Deadline  $50 $40
Dec. 5th Regular Entry Deadline $65 $55
Jan. 4th Late Entry Deadline $90 $80



To receive the discount, please submit online via withoutabox and mail in a check for the discounted entry fee amount. Discounted fees cannot be paid online by credit card. Please make all checks payable to Bentonville Film Festival. The mailing address is 3212 Nebraska Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90404. 


*Be sure to mention NALIP when you mail your payment.


If there are any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to the programming team. You can email [email protected]