Argentina’s Storylab Teams Up with Eccho Rights for Crime-Thriller


Photo Courtesy of Eccho Rights

Argentinian producer Storylab has partnered up to develop a four-series deal with Eccho Rights, a sales agent and distributor which is carving out a reputation for its handling of edgier TV series from over the world.

The two will create a 10-hour format show named ‘El Robo Imperfecto’ (The Perfect Crime), a story that follows a detective on a transatlantic investigation who uncovers a sinister setup while dealing with a series of curious thefts. The show was created by Nacho Viale and Diego Palacio, who have previously worked on ‘Estocolmo,’ and emmy-nominated ‘La Casa del Mar.’

Besides ‘El Robo Imperfecto,’ the two companies will be working together on three more unnamed shows that are already in development. Eccho Rights will be in charge of securing international co production, as well as handling worldwide distribution for the finished series, ‘El Robo Imperfecto.’ They are known for providing projects with resources and helping them build relationships internationally.

We are always happy to see companies help content makers around the world launch their projects, especially when they promote diversity. We can’t wait to see what Storylab and Eccho Rights creates!

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