Announcing the 2019 NALIP Media Summit Official Selection

Posted by on June 19, 2019

Check out The NALIP Media Summit 2019 Official Selection!

NALIP has announced the 2019 NALIP Media Summit Official Selection! The showcase will be held at the Montalban Theater on Sunday, July 28th.

The NALIP Media Summit is a 4-day event filled with various panels, workshops, and networking opportunities.

NALIP would like to congratulate the following filmmakers and their projects: 


Desires of the Flesh

For young Camila, blessed be Sunday, for that is the day to see Giovana.

Director: Rafaela Camelo



When Marcos stumbles upon a cure for the bizarre dancing pandemic which has swept over his community- plaguing everyone with endless nights of compulsive dancing- he intends on keeping it secret, hoarding the cure for his family. However, he quickly realizes keeping it hush-hush will be easier said than done.

Director: Gabriel Villanueva



When Maia, a mixed race Latina woman, sets out to reconnect with her traditional Mexican roots on her Nana's 100th birthday, things go terribly wrong.

Director: Jessica Mendez Siqueiros



An overburdened daughter decides to abandon her obligations, sealing her depressed mother’s fate.

Director: Alessandra Lacorazza


Enforcement Hours

In a climate of xenophobia and confusion, a San Francisco hotline aims to provide limited assistance to a targeted population.

Director: Paloma Martinez


Running Shadow

Director: Carlos Rafael Betancourt