Report Urges Spain to Take Advantage of Hispanic Surge in U.S.

From EFE

A report presented by The Hispanic Council says that in 2025 one in every four Americans will be of Latino origin and that there are already more Hispanics in the United States than Spaniards in Spain, and it urges this European country to strengthen relations with that U.S. community.

The conclusions of the study entitled “El auge de la comunidad hispana en EEUU” (The rise of the Hispanic community in the U.S.) were discussed at the Casa de America in Madrid when they are presented by The Hispanic Council, a think-tank with offices in the U.S. and Spanish capitals.

“Spain should not let this historic opportunity to strengthen its Atlantic links pass by,” said Hispanic Council director Daniel Ureña, since “it has a competitive advantage compared with other countries” thanks to cultural ties such as a common language.

The study emphasizes that the influence of the Hispanic community on U.S. policy will be decisive in the future, given that the 52 million people comprising the most important U.S. minority could have cast 24 million votes in the last elections but only 12 million of them went to the polls, thus making the social group a “sleeping giant.”

The report notes the importance over the past decade of the great increase in the number of Hispanics who have registered to vote in states other than traditional Latino strongholds such as California, Texas, Florida and New York.