Create Shorts for HBO! Deadline Fast Approaching

NALIP members and supporters are encouraged to apply to HBOAccess, a four-week program starting in June 2014 that will provide master classes, project development and mentorship to up to four diverse participants who will create shorts for HBO.

DEADLINE: Friday, Feb. 7 at 6pm EST / 3pm PST

TO SUBMIT: Read ALL of the rules below (including eligibility details) and submit all of the following by email to
•  Name, phone number, email address, and mailing address.
•  Written confirmation that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions listed below.
•  Personal essay explaining how your diversity has worked to your advantage. Please limit your response to 750 words.
•  Resume and/or biography including directing experience, or work resume (with applicable experience or employment).
•  Link to 1 Narrative Directing Sample (full-length features, shorts, or webisodes, NO REELS) on YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing website. If video is password-protected, please be sure to include the password required to view it.

HBOAccess is a program that provides project development, mentorship, and master classes to diverse directors. At the end of the four-week session in June filmmakers will be given a budget to create short form content for HBO to be shot in late summer.

This program is open to diverse directors who can demonstrate a working knowledge of camera and script.

In March, 20 candidates advancing to second round interviews, either in person or by Skype, must come prepared to discuss the project they plan to develop during the program. Candidates selected for the program must own and be prepared to assign to HBO all rights necessary to develop and produce their project. 

Candidates must also be available for interviews with HBO executives. Final interviews with HBO development and production executives will be held in April.

Those chosen to enter the program will be notified by May 8, 2014. The program will run from June 3, 2014 to June 26, 2014. Candidates must live in the Los Angeles area during the entire program and production periods; travel and accommodations will be the candidate's responsibility.

Upon acceptance into the program and agreement to the rules, the selected candidates will be paired with an HBO development executive who will serve as his/her mentor throughout the process. Together the director and executive will develop the project approved during the application process. HBO will provide a series of Master Classes taught by HBO executives and creative talent. 

Upon completion of the 4 week development process, each project will be considered for production as a 10-15 minute film or a series of webisodes to air on various HBO platforms including, but not limited to HBOGo, HBO service, HBO's Youtube channel,, film festivals, charity screenings, and other outlets.

Current HBO employees are not eligible to apply. You must be 21 or over to apply.

Prior to submission please have the following material ready to paste into the application form:
•  Personal essay explaining how your diversity has worked to your advantage. Please limit your response to 750 words.
•  Resume and/or biography including directing experience, or work resume (with applicable experience or employment).

What is the submission process?
Candidates are required to supply the following:
• Application
• Resume or Bio
• 1 Narrative Directing Sample (full-length features, shorts, or webisodes, no reels)

Who is eligible to apply?
Any diverse director with a body of work who meets the application requirements. Ideal candidates will have a working knowledge of the entertainment industry or have completed study in an accredited film school.

What is the definition of diversity?
For the purposes of the HBOACCESS program, diversity is defined as those who identify as Asian Pacific American, Sub-Continent Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and women. 

Do you have to be in the DGA to apply?
No, we encourage both current DGA and aspiring DGA members to apply.

Are there any costs to the candidates?
No, it is free of charge.

Is the program open only to those interested in television?
HBO is in the business of making quality movies and series for television.

Can I apply with someone else?
No. This is for single applicants only.

Who are the mentors?
Each participant will be paired with a creative executive from HBO Entertainment, HBO Films, or Cinemax.

When will interviews be held?
March-April 2014.

What does the soft skills portion of the program consist of?
HBO will deliver a series of classes by industry professionals, which will include HBO executives and producers. Classes may include conversations about story structure, character, pitching, getting an agent, finance and budgeting, legal, production and post-production. HBO showrunners will also be invited to share their expertise about creating content with our participants.

How many projects will be considered for production?
We will greenlight up to a total of 4 projects.

What days/times will the Master Classes take place?
The classes will take place over a 4 week period in June from 6-9pm PST at the HBO offices in Santa Monica.

Will HBO pay for travel and lodging?
No. Anyone not local to the Los Angeles area must be prepared to cover his/her own travel and lodging for the duration of the program.

Must the project be shot in LA?

Must I be a U.S. citizen in order to apply?
No, however you must have a right-to-work permit prior to applying to the program. This is not eligible for VISA sponsorship. 

Must I own the material I plan to enter as my proposal for the HBO project?
Yes, if you plan to film material written by a third party or based on third party material, and you are selected as one of the four winners, you must submit proof of ownership, including chain of title satisfactory to HBO. 

Who will own the completed HBO short?
HBO will own the project and the completed short. At the time they are accepted into the program, candidates must assign to HBO all rights in all media, now known or hereafter developed, worldwide, in perpetuity.

I am submitting to you today a narrative directing sample (for example, a full-length feature, a short or webisode) in digital format (the "Materials"). I request that you examine the Materials in connection with reviewing my application to participate in the 2014 HBO Access program. You are under no obligation to review the Materials, but if you do choose to review them, I understand that you are doing so in reliance on this Release and my agreement to its terms and that it is not revocable.

I agree that you are under no obligation to compensate me for any Materials (i) that I do not own or control; (ii) in which you have no interest; (iii) that are not novel, unique, or protectible under United States law; (iv) that are in the public domain or publicly known or available prior to the date of the submission by me of such Materials; (iv) that are in your possession or available to you from another source prior to or after the submission by me of the Materials; or (v) that become part of the public domain or publicly known or available by publication or otherwise subsequent to the submission by me of the Materials.

I also understand that the Materials may reference ideas, themes, subjects, or issues that are incorporated or dealt with in a project already under consideration, in development, or in production at HBO. In that case, I agree that you are not obligated to compensate me in any way unless you use verbatim, in the final version of the project and in violation of this Release, some or all of the Materials that are owned and controlled by me.

I agree that nothing in this Release shall be deemed to create a confidential relationship between you and me or shall place you in a position different from that of a member of the general public with respect to the use of the Materials. If you commence use of the Materials in violation of this Release, and provided that I own the Materials and the Materials are original, novel, protectible and valuable, you agree to pay me as total compensation therefor such sum of money as we may subsequently agree upon in writing. If we have not attempted or are unable to agree upon the sum, and you commence the use of the Materials in violation of this Release, you will pay me, and I will accept as consideration for all rights of every kind in the Materials, the sum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500). If I do not agree that $500 is acceptable compensation for your use of the Materials, I will not submit the Materials hereunder. I acknowledge that I shall suffer no damages in excess of the foregoing from your use of the Materials or by reason of any other claim that I may assert with respect thereto, and in no event shall I be entitled to, nor shall I demand, any other compensation or any legal or equitable remedy, including but not limited to, injunctive relief.

I have retained a copy of the Materials, and you need not return the attached materials to me. If I own the Materials and you ask me to develop the Materials, or if you make me an offer to purchase the Materials, and we do not come to an agreement, your making such a request or offer will not be deemed to mean that you thought the Materials were original, protectible, or novel or that you thought I was the first person to submit them to you. If you decide not to accept me for the 2014 HBO Access Program, you do not have to tell me the reasons for your rejection.

I represent and warrant that I have the right to submit the Materials to you upon the terms and conditions of this Release. I retain all rights to submit the Materials or any similar materials to persons other than you. 

The words "you" or "your" in this release refer to Home Box Office, Inc. and its officers, agents, employees, affiliated companies, partners, licensees, successors and assigns. This Release is binding on all of my successors, heirs, and assigns.

I HAVE READ THIS RELEASE CAREFULLY AND I UNDERSTAND ITS CONTENTS. No representations have been made to me other than those set forth in this Release and this Release states our entire understanding with reference to the Materials.

This Release shall be governed and construed under the laws of the State of New York. Should any part of this Release be declared void, the remainder shall remain in full force and effect and at all times this Release shall be construed so as to carry out its intent.