M.I.S Peliculas TV lands in USA

M.I.S Películas TV, the first TV channel in America dedicated to the best of the Spanish cinema, has started its promotional campaign in the United States. After the first broadcast the 5th of September in Puerto Rico, thanks to Liberty PR, the TV channel has started marketing in Florida, one of the states with the higher Hispanic population in USA. The first campaign was the sponsorship of the most important festival of Spanish cinema in the American continent, the 3rd edition of the Miami recent cinema from Spain, which which was held from 21 to 24 November.
During the celebration of the III Edition  of the  Miami Recent Cinema from Spain, MIS brand has been present in every one of the advertising platforms of the festival in an "necessary and justified marketing action over the first three months of the TV channel" said María José Revaldería, MIS Películas General Manager .
Furthermore, the night before of the festival, MIS Películas team, composed by the TV channel General Manager, María José Revaldería, the Marketing Director, Fran Gómez, and the company in charge of the US distribution, DreamHouse Entertainment, leaded by Alexander Fiore and Alexander Kochen, hold a VIP dinner in La Dorada, the legendary Spanish restaurant in Miami, with a representation  of the Spanish cinema with actors, such as, Javier Cámara and Amaia Salamanca and members of Egeda.
A video presentation of MIS películas TV, with a length of 30 seconds, was projected before every film programmed in the festival, highlighting the inaugural film, "Una pistola en cada mano", from Cesc Gay, and also "Combustion", from Daniel Carpasoro and "Hijo de Caín", from Jesús Monllao. It´s expected that in 24 months, the Spanish TV Channel will be distributed also in most countries in Latin America.
Enrique Cerezo, M.I.S Películas TV President, talks about this project as a "one ambitious project "uno de los proyectos más ambiciosos en los que hemos trabajado. Tras más de dos años de gestación hoy ya es una realidad y aterriza en el competitivo mercado televisivo americano presentando un gran valor añadido frente a la competencia; ser el único canal diseñado al completo con películas españolas".
The main idea behind M.I.S PelículasTV  it is to expand the Spanish culture trough the cinema in the American continent. That philosophy it´s exactly the same behind the Recent Cinema From Spain, which principal objective is to get the recognition that the Spanish cinema deserves. Thus, Festival and Tv channel joined forces to promote the very best of the Spanish cinema.
Thanks to Videomercury Films, MIS PelículasTV  has the biggest catalog of Spanish films ever. From "Matador", by Almodovar to "Two Much", with Antonio Banderas. Stories with the Spanish mark of all time and of all genres. Comedy, drama, fiction, action, adventures, western, thriller and horror, they parade, from Monday to Sunday, non-stop, trough the new TV channel made in Spain but designed for America.