By LITI editor Alex Mendoza


What a fraking week last one proved to be, what a dialectic and perplexing week it was. A week in which all major industry and mainstream news media were picking on the INCREDIBLE success of a (mainly) Spanish Language film (10Mill on a weekend?!!!), the possibilities that opens and the market it shows, a market we all know it exists, many have tried to open, and the pin... nut just doesn’t want to crack. But here is one, INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED ("No se Aceptan Devoluciones", Directed by Eugenio Derbez, distributed by Pantelion, 347 screens), that may do the trick? I can go for a couple of hours in why this one can be it, and another two, on how this could be puro pedo, pa’ cagar aguado... (like my Momi used to say). But I will let those that really know about these things to do that exercise.

En el otro lado de la moneda, no manchen, que poca...! It is made official what it was brewing for some time, but I didn’t want to believe, the NY Latino Film Festival is closing its doors for good. There is no doubt in my mind, knowing very well Calixto Chinchilla, the organizer of it, that this was the only route to follow. Nobody can doubt the commitment, smarts and passion of Calixto towards Latino filmmaking and his fest. For 13 editions the fest proved to be one of the best launching pads for countless films and their makers. What happened? Que mas? La pin... Lana. Yes, money, that eternal obstacle of any good intention. The rising costs of running it, added to the drying out of Latino marketing budgets on the major corporations, and so forth, sponsorships, did the evil trick. At least we know the decision was a smart one, better come out on top, than little by little be forced into oblivion.

To quote one of the most ridiculous scenes in film (in one of the best films ever, POLTERGEIST): WHAT’S HAPPENING???!!! Que Chingaos it’s happening? Now you understand why I’m soooo confused? Por un lado we are shown the real potential of our market, y por el otro, we are beaten in the head that, no matter how much prestige we can build and effort and sesos we put on it, we can’t do it. If you add to this, the problems that LALIFF ran into, while at the same time another festivals are growing at a fine pace (e.g. Hola Mexico! and Hollywood Brazilian), well, que esperas..., I’m todo atolondrado. For my 15 years of being involved with this chusma, I have pretty much been able to keep a steady frame of mind, knowing what was happening and what it most likely was going to happen next. Hoy, toy apendejado... can’t just figure out. In my anxious state I’m even contemplating conspiracy theories, it most be Arpaio or Tanton, nomas fregando (or maybe is just the overdose of painkillers I’m on now, due to a pin... muela, dando la lata). 

My eternally deluded optimism chooses to believe that this is the famoso rio revuelto, where only the fisherman, will make a profit. It may be that since it is finally the time for it, the cracking up of the Latino Market, to happen, the birthing pains, are starting to show. Again, in my stoned stage, I may even put forward the idea that since the shake out is industry wide (not only in the Latino niche) it is now our best opportunity. 

This kind of reminds me what I went through with the evolution of home video, that when the industry showed maturity, it was when most of the companies that started it were folding.

But here I go again trying to figure it all out. Uncertainty me hace sentir raro.  I just don’t like it. Will like some clarity, I need some clarity, I may get some after visiting my dentist tomorrow...

Y tu? Que opinas?...