Call for Submissions: Persona Non Grata Production Fund

Persona Non Grata, a production fund that is designed to support and facilitate the creation of unconventional independent cinema that pushes the boundaries of film language, has been launched today by Persona Films with the support of industry-leading companies, such as Deluxe, Company 3, Red Cinema, Indiewire, Twitch Post, Tamberelli Digital, Brooklyn Fireproof Studios and Wheelhouse Creative.

Filmmakers can apply with their scripts on Persona Non Grata's site ( to compete for an opportunity to direct their film. The first round of the script-to-screen competition will result in the production of a feature film with a budget of at least $250,000. The budget of the film may increase as more partners join the fund.

"Persona Non Grata's main goal is to allow the production of such films that otherwise might not have seen the light of day because they would be considered by most producers as too risky and too dangerous. We would like to see edgy scripts with a unique vision. And when we say unique, we really mean it. We are looking for genrebreaking stuff. Persona Non Grata is a playground where anything is possible and everything is allowed," says Douglas Graham, Head of Production at Persona Films.

Applications are accepted until April 30th. Filmmakers in the U.S. and the UK may apply with their resumes, loglines, synopses and feature-length scripts. The winner will be announced on May 30th. The production of the film based on the winning entry is planned for the Fall of 2012. Complete rules and regulations are available on Persona Non Grata's site.

Persona Films is a film and commercial production house based in New York and London. The company's most recent feature film release is "Cargo" by Yan Vizinberg. For more information about the company, go to