Call for Entries: New Media Film Festival

New Media Film Festival is an annual film festival in Los Angeles CA where each entry is considered for screening, competition ($45k in awards) and distribution. Submissions are accepted year round, though there are deadlines. The first one - Early Bird Deadline - is the 3rd of September. 

The top five reasons why you should rise early and submit by the 3rd of September:

Diversity & Quality. There are 19 categories in which one can submit their entry. Find the one best suited for your talents. 3D, Animation, Apps, Digital Comics, Documentary, Feature Length, LGBT, Machinima, Mobile/Tablet, Music Video, New Media, Script, Shorts, Shot on Red, Sniplers, SRC, STEAM, Trailers and Web Series. "Makes the cutting edge accessible." - Huffington Post 

Submit Early and Save: "Worth the entry fee" - Movie Maker Magazine. The first deadline has the least expensive entry fee. Save money by submitting early and you have until May 1st 2014 to send your content in. Bask in the savings while your finishing your content and preparing for the festival circuit. 

Awards & Judges: The Judges are from Pixar, Fox and other industry leaders. Each Winning category receives a New Media Film Festival award, an opportunity for distribution deals and other prizes. The earlier you submit to a film festival, the more lead time before a festival that you are logged, reviewed and discussed amongst industry professionals.  

Press & Extra Time: You have almost 7 months after the early bird deadline of September 3rd to submit another project. Filmmaker Lily Baldwin - Snippler Award Winner - screened 3 different projects that she submitted to  the 4th Annual New Media Film Festival. Submitting early allows for ample press lead time. We will be announcing early selections in addition to extended/final deadline (May 1, 2014) 
All Ages, All Cultures, All Media:  Ample time to prepare. We have screened content from ages 9 to 90, from over 20 different countries on all types of media. Submitting early allows you ample time to make adjustments, deliver in the format that works for the venue and country screening and allows for all types of promotion as we have inquires all year as to "Who do you recomend for this interview or to give this to"

Be an Early Bird and submit now, use promo code twitter10 at  and save money. We notify filmmakers no later than mid May 2014.