Deadline Approaching: KPBS Explore Local Content Initiative

KPBS invites San Diego producers to submit their ideas for the KPBS Explore Local Content Initiative. KPBS Explore is designed to grow our line-up of local program favorites. Content creators are invited to send ideas for a series that will highlight unique people, places and activities in San Diego.

All submissions will be judged on a number of criteria including the program’s “explorer spirit,” a unique sense of place and how well each story is told. Programs for KPBS Explore should be about San Diego’s unique lifestyle, community and “big picture,” not about news, public affairs or children’s programs. All submissions will be reviewed by a KPBS committee and the top selection will be funded for the production process.

KPBS will provide seed money for the project. It is advised content creators explore additional sources, such as corporate funding, grants or their own funds. A budget must be submitted with all applications and any letters of interest from organizations interested in the project would be helpful as well.

*Interested applicants should watch the video on the website that explains the project in detail and/or join the interactive screening Wednesday, July 17th at 2 p.m. to ask direct questions to the KPBS Programming team.
Proposals are to be submitted online and are due July 31. Applicants must submit an outline that describes their idea along with links to examples of their work that portray their skills. For all the details and criteria visit the KPBS Explore website and submit your proposal. An announcement recognizing the winner will be made mid-September.