Here's How to Use Moby's Music For Free in Your Films

By Julia Selinger, Indiewire

Seminal DJ and electronic musician Moby has been making music for decades, beginning with his first solo release in 1991. Since then, Moby has also been vocal about his advocacy for various causes, including The Humane Society, Songs for Tibet, and Moby is continuing to combine his love of music and charitable causes by promoting his project Mobygratis.

With a website that describes itself as "music for independent filmmakers," the site is a resource for film students and independent and non-profit filmmakers seeking free music for their films. Moby insures that even if the music is used for commercial films, he gets none of the proceeds; instead, all profits go towards The Humane Society. Mobygratis has a catalog of over 150 tracks by Moby that cover a wide breadth of styles and tempos.

Visit to browse the music library and learn more.