Univision's Flama Taking Submissions for Talent and Content

Flama is a revolution in digital programming for US Latinos who demand an online hub to call home. A place where we can poke fun at our abuelitas, while watching videos that are both cool and chidisimo at the same time. 

We're 100% Latino. We're 100% American. We're 100% complicated. 

So the folks at Univision aren't trying to figure us out - they're letting us do the talking.

Flama is the foundation, and Univision's handing us the lighter, so we can set the internet on fire.

Flama is that flame of playful transgression after you strike a match. It's that moment where danger meets exhilaration, and the potential of a full-on firestorm is imminent. It's that moment before the fireworks make you go "whoa." It's the smile on your face when the sky lights up in an explosion of awesome.

Yeah, it's that feeling, but with a shot of Latino as a chaser. Mmmm, tequila.

We're calling all Latino creatives to come help show the world the complex diversity of the US Latino experience in this next chapter of media. 

Millennials are powerful, but Latino Millennials? Oooh, que la - we're an explosion waiting to go... boom.

If you're an actor, writer, director or producer that wants to help us set off the first spark, submit your concepts, reels, and dreams on http://findyourflama.com/