Latinos Continue to Excel in Public Broadcasting

During a time when studies continue to show that Latinos are underrepresented and stereotyped in mainstream media, Latinos continue to excel in the public broadcasting domain.

At NALIP 2013: Spotlight on the Trillion $ Latino Market our breakout session Latinos in Public Media will feature PBS NewsHour senior correspondent Ray Suarez as panelist and Alex Lopez Negrete as moderator, as we dig deeper into the public face of Latino Media.

Ray Suarez joined The News Hour in October 1999 as a Washington-based Senior Correspondent. Suarez came to The NewsHour from NPR where he had been host of the nationwide, call-in news program "Talk of the Nation" since 1993. Prior to that, he spent seven years covering local and national stories for the NBC-owned station, WMAQ-TV in Chicago.  He has completed the companion volume to a coming documentary series for PBS, chronicling the history of Latinos in America. 

These and many other great panels and networking events are planned at NALIP 2013: Spotlight on the Trillion $ Latino Market at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, June 7-9. Visit

Did you know . . .
• Sixty-five percent of U.S. Hispanics are Millenials, ages 22 to 35.
• Every 30 seconds, a Hispanic turns 18 years old.
• Hispanic kids make up 23% of the 17 & under U.S. population (over 17 million).  This is a 39% increase in 10 years.