Cutting Through the Noise in Movie Marketing

Marketing motion picture and television content in today's competitive environment requires innovation, speed and the ability to cut through the norms of the safe and the easy.  Now, more than ever, it requires your resources to be adventurous and creative in figuring out how to sell a product.

NALIP is proud to present Movie & TV Marketing Trends in the 21st Century, with panelists Santiago Pozo and Alex Lopez Negrete, at NALIP 2013: Spotlight on the Trillion $ Latino Market.

Santiago Pozo  is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arenas, and is considered one of the foremost authorities in marketing entertainment and film to U.S. Latino audiences. In 1988 Pozo founded Arenas, the largest and most recognized Latino company in Hollywood, specializing in marketing motion pictures and television. Over the 25 years, he and Arenas  worked on more than 400 films, including Transformers, Star Trek, Madagascar, Chronicles of Narnia, Shrek, Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto.

Alex Lopez Negrete is co-founder of Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc, a Houston-based agency that provides strategic counsel and creative direction to their clients, which include Wal-Mart Stores, Verizon Communications, Inc., Microsoft, Bank of America, NBC Universal Motion Pictures Group, among others. Don't miss a great opportunity to learn from Santiago, Alex and many other great speakers and panelists.

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Did you know . . .
• Hispanics' spending patterns already help to determine the success or failure of many youth-oriented products and services. According to the 2007 American Community Survey, 33.9 percent of the Hispanic population is under age 18 compared to 22.8 percent of the non-Hispanic population. Also, in 2007, only 5.5 percent of Hispanics were over 65, compared to 23.8 percent of the non-Hispanic population.
• U.S. Latinos accounted for 11%, or $2.2 billion, of total e-commerce purchases made across the United States in the first quarter of 2012. (Ad Age, Six Things Advertisers Need to Know About the Growing Hispanic Market)
• According to Kantar Media, Hispanic Ad Spend Growth rates as of June 2012 have increased by 20.7% compared to 1.7% of non-Hispanic market.