'Filly Brown' Opens in Theaters April 19

By Michael Lopez, The Huffington Post

It's been a long time coming and now, "Filly Brown" will finally be hitting theaters. The indie drama actually went into production over two years ago and got a ton of positive press on the festival circuit. Director Michael D. Olmos is especially proud of the final product and spoke to us about it this week.

"It feels great to see 'Filly Brown' getting into theaters," he told us. "I feel nervous and excited at the same time."

Michael (who happens to be the son of Edward James Olmos) poured a lot of energy into 'Filly', helping to polish its script, cast the actors and wear the producer's hat. And as he explained to us, the story was something he felt incredibly passionate about.

"The family element of this movie is really fascinating," he said. "It's the family that is the core of the story."

That "family" consists of newcomer Gina Rodriguez as hip-hop prodigy "Filly Brown" and her jailed mother (played by the late great Jenni Rivera). And though La Diva de la Banda will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention to 'Filly', Olmos pointed out that the entire cast is worth watching.

"This truly is an ensemble piece and it's so beautifully acted," he explained. "Gina does a fantastic job and she completely blew us away with her audition."

But there is no denying Rivera's presence on the screen. In what will sadly be her final role, La Diva shines throughout. And as Michael explained, she was a fantastic collaborator on the set.

"Jenni was so amazing to work with," Olmos added. "She put everything into this performance. It's really tough watching the movie and knowing that she's not here."

Michael also added his famous papa to the cast as well as notable names like Lou Diamond Phillips and Baby Bash. We definitely expect big things for Brown and encourage all you indie film fans to go seek it out.

To find out more about the movie, visit its official site. And to keep up with Olmos, make sure to follow his Twitter page.