¡HOLA LA! Airing on KCAL9 Saturday at 7pm, KCBS Sunday at 4pm

From the CBS/KCAL9 compound in Studio City, there's a new local talkfest in town and it's as diverse and unique as the great city of Los Angeles it represents!

¡HOLA LA!, the show with a twist of flavor, sabor with a strong shot of relevance - first show of the new season airs Saturday, March 30th, 7PM on KCAL9 and also on Sunday, April 7th, 4PM on KCBS.

Co-hosted by four dynamic Latina professionals (and, yes, they all speak English!) who have a fresh new twist on universal topics. ¡HOLA LA! is a show with one soul, one heart with four distinct voices:

Bel Hernandez Castillo, CEO & President/Publisher of Latin Heat, a print and online magazine; actress/comedienne Dyana Ortelli (Curb Your Enthusiasm); actress/green gal Kikey Castillo, and Emmy winning journalist Naibe Reynoso-Hodsden. The ladies will report on current trends, the latest happenings in Los Angeles, and a little bit about everything Hollywood.

"We're thrilled to be airing on KCAL 9," said an enthused Hernandez Castillo, CEO and President of Latin Heat Media. "We are four American Latinas with a unique point of view and we're not afraid to speak out and make our audiences laugh, think and even disagree with us.

"Folks, there is not a Latina on ABC's The View and there has never been one, so Latinas have taken it upon themselves to create their own View, and what a great View it is! Tune in and be enlightened and entertained by four beautiful, intelligent Latinas discussing the good, the bad and the chisme," says Alex Nogales, President and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, a non-profit, media advocacy organization.

"KCAL9 and CBS2 are terrific partners," said Hernandez.  "They welcome the background of our Latino perspective because the end result is a genuinely organic show with a different twist."  Hernandez went on to say that the show will be introducing new ideas and universal topics that embrace all Angelenos.

The ladies of ¡HOLA! LA began their journey with their web series, Let's Talk in 2010 which then expanded to independent TV station KJLA in 2011. 'At KJLA, I remember sitting in the control room and my eyes welled up," says ¡HOLA LA! writer Elia Esparza. "They're the real deal. It's going to work."

After winning the LA market, next stop? National, baby!

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