Several NALIP Members Selected for CPB/PBS Producer's Academy

Congratulations to the several NALIP members who are among the 25 individuals selected to attend the 12th CPB/PBS Producers Academy at WGBH. Selected competitively from a large application pool, they will attend intensive sessions with public media producers and executives like Frontline's Director of Digital Media Andrew Golis, WETA's Vice President for Corporate Marketing and Business Development, and POV's Executive Director Simon Kilmurry during a week that focuses on creating the next great programming achievements for public media.

NALIP members selected for the academy:
David Alvarado
Sandra Alvarez
Esau Melendez (LMM 2010)
Monika Navarro (LPA 2011, LMM 2009)
Dawn Valadez (LPA 2004)

Dawn Valadez is going with her new documentary Turn It Around, a transmedia documentary project rooted in the stories of Joe, Deprece and Sergio who travel a new education pipeline: from city streets and jail cells into school classrooms as educators.

The CPB/PBS Producers Academy has been developed for producers who create or intend to create works for public broadcasting, either through a public television station or independently.  It is an opportunity for these producers to work intensively on the skills that will benefit them most, through classes and through direct contact with some of public television's most talented personnel.

Read more about the CPB/PBS Producers Academy online here.