Jenni Rivera Movie 'Diva De La Banda' to Begin Filming In April

The Jenni Rivera movie is coming soon.

Director Francisco Joel Mendoza is ready to start filming biopic "La Diva de la Banda" in April, California daily La Opinión reports.

It's still not clear who will play the leading role, Mendoza said during an appearance on Univión's "El Gordo y la Flaca," though he tossed around the possibility of Jennifer Lopez or Angelica Vale.

But Mendoza says he's already overcome one major hurdle -- acquiring the permissions he'll need to use Rivera's name in the film.

"Jenni Rivera" is a registered trademark, according to Hoy Los Angeles. The late singer's father, Pedro Rivera, said he'd sue anyone who attempted to make a buck off his daughter's death by using her name without permission.

Mendoza says he had to seek permissions in Mexico and the United States to begin filming.

Mexican American singer Jenni Rivera died unexpectedly last year when the plane she was traveling went into a 28,000-foot nosedive on its way from the Northern Mexican city of Monterrey to Toluca, killing her and six others.

She passed away as she approached the pinnacle of her career, aiming for a crossover from the Spanish-language market to a more mainstream U.S. audience that failed to materialize before her death.

But since the tragedy, the singer's fame has only grown. In addition to the coming film, her records continue to top the Billboard Charts for best-selling Latin albums, Atria Books plans to publish her memoir "Unbreakable," and an album of songs she recorded in English is in the works.