NALIP Announces the 2013 Latino Writers Lab Fellows!

Presented by HBO, NALIP will begin our 2013 Latino Writers Lab this March with seven Fellows selected to participate in the four-month professional development program. The lab will take place in Los Angeles for six days of skills training, readings, networking, and project mentoring. NALIP created the program ten years ago to help writers advance a project for sale, a script towards production, and their skills towards a career in the industry. 

Speakers and mentors include writer/director and USC MFA professor Ted Braun, writer/producer/story analyst Harrison Reiner, writer/producer Miguel Tejada-Flores and other industry professionals. 

The full list of the NALIP 2013 Latino Writers Lab participating writers is:

Gustavo Avila - Los Angeles, CA – Kingwood 
Kathryn V. Castañeda – Valley Village, CA – Service Connected
Claudia Forestieri – Los Angeles, CA – Mamis
Ruth Hernandez- New York, NY – Invisible Woman
David Perez – Los Angeles, CA – The Unspoken
Belén R. Ricoy – Topanga, CA – No Love Allowed
Oskar Toruno – Cudahy, CA – The Baby Job

We would like to thank all the Latino writers who applied to NALIP's 2013 Latino Writers Lab; we appreciate your efforts with your submissions and sincerely wish you the best. Please know that NALIP will continue working hard in supporting our Latino film community.