NALIP 2012 Actorfest Studio at Universal Studios!

Don't miss the NALIP 2012: Diverse Voices, Universal Content  Actorfest Studio! A special Latino edition of BackStage's Actorfest!

Join us for an exciting day of engaging workshops, conversations, and networking opportunities with casting, acting, and auditioning professionals, including workshops from SAG, AFTRA, and NALIP executives!

Panels this year include "How To Create a Fantastic Demo Reel," "Demystifying the Audition Process," "How to Create, Produce, and Star In Your Own Webisodes," "Breaking Into Hosting" and more!

The Round Table Power Meetings Are back by popular demand! Performers will have the opportunity to meet with casting directors, agents, managers, directors, producers, and executives! 4-6 actors will spend 15-20 minutes with each professional discussing specific topics and, most importantly, being seen!

The NALIP 2012 Actorfest Studio is open to Latino/Latina, Native American, and performers of any color, age or level of experience! 

The NALIP 2012 Actorfest Studio begins when you register online to secure your place. Visit for more info!

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