NALIP Discount for RUI Entertainment Industry Classes Online

NALIP members receive a significant introductory discount on Really Useful Information's (RUI) online courses for people working in entertainment, media, and technology. Learn from RUI industry experts ans leading business school professors in programs such as "Producer's Bento Box Series," "How to Pitch to Network and Cable Television Executives," and "Producer's Guild Film & Television Finance Series."

Special Introductory Offer for NALIP Members
$15 per session (regular price $45)

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This four-part online certificate series provides producers the key tools they need to be successful in the entertainment arena, including: 
(1) How to Create an Investment Grade Business Plan. 
(2) How to Negotiate a Deal. 
(3) How to Get Your Low Budget Feature Financed. 
(4) How to Make a Profit From Online Content.

In this session, taught by television guru and President of NATPE Rod Perth, along with President of RUI, Marc Robertson, you'll learn:
(1) How to Know Who You Are Selling To. 
(2) How A Buyer Thinks. 
(3) "Free" Over The Air Networks Business Model. 
(4) Cable Networks Business Model. 
(5) Television Business Realities.

Brands matter. A brand helps convey values and meanings that help to distinguish your shows and films in today's competitive market. Building a successful brand can provide you with a strategic advantage, increase the money your projects make, and establish your personal brand as a successful producer, director, executive or writer. Kellogg professor Rick Kolsky, Ph.D. leads this enlightening session.

This certificate series will change the way you pitch, negotiate, and plan for fiscal success. The series covers all types of production financing from debt to equity, soft money, tax incentives, and product integration. It also covers: (1) How executives make financing decisions, (2) The questions and information that they will ask of a producer, and (3) How to pitch to an investor, bank, or studio from a financial perspective. At the end of the program participants will understand how every CFO, investor or bank thinks, and will be able to present business plans and financial projections that are based on industry standards.