Call for Entries: U.S. Input

INPUT 2013 will be held in El Salvador on May 6 - 9. All U.S. programs must be submitted to U.S. INPUT Pre-selection. 

The deadline for U.S. submissions is Friday, November 9, 2012 at 5 pm EST. Each country holds its own national selection at a different time so please adhere to this U.S. deadline.

Submissions should include a completed copy of the U.S. entry form and three DVD copies of the program that is to be reviewed by the U.S. national panel. Interactive entries, games or web-only projects should include the url and a clearly defined overview of the project. Please follow these instructions and guidelines to enter your program or interactive.

  • Complete the U.S. ENTRY FORM (Word)
  • EMAIL a copy of the ENTRY FORM to
  • Mail a hard copy of the entry form, THREE DVDS and any additional press materials to the U.S. INPUT Assistant Manager:

Betsy Newman
1101 George Rogers Blvd
Columbia, SC 29201

Eligibility and Guidelines
  • Broadcast versions of a film are a priority for INPUT. Feature length films or director¬ís cuts are often not selected for the INPUT conference. You may submit the featured length version as support material on a separate DVD. All genres and lengths are accepted but for INPUT shorter is often better.
  • Programs must have been produced by a producer or director based in the United States. 
  • International acquisitions should be submitted to the producer¬ís country or the INPUT international secretariat.
  • Programs should have been completed or broadcast after January 2011.
  • One episode of a continuous series should be entered as the best example of the series but additional episodes may be submitted as support material. This does not include series that acquire independently produced content and feature a unique program each week.
  • Interactive, multi-platform entries or Web-only media often is better submitted with an overview video for the judging panel since they have limited time to explore multi-faceted online or mobile projects. 
  • If you entered your film to U.S. INPUT last year or before, it is no longer eligible.

More about INPUT
The annual INPUT conference is a global meeting point for public broadcasting professionals to challenge the boundaries of media in the public interest. By screening and debating the most outstanding programs from around the world, INPUT builds an intercultural and international media network that encourages the development of public service broadcasting.