In Search of Ingrid

An educated Latina/o like you has probably read Ingrid Betancourt's book, "Even Silence Has an End: My Six Years of Captivity in the Colombian Jungle." Yep. You know her. She was the Colombian presidential hopeful that at the height of her political career was kidnapped by the FARC. Well, her husband, Juan Carlos Lecompte, wrote two books about her captivity at the hands of these locos for over six years. All this is being made into an English film, "In Search of Ingrid." Que emocion! Sign me up to the premier!

Pero, there is a bit of irony in the making of this movie which starts filming this year in either Colombia or Puerto Rico. Turns out the director, Betty Kaplan, is a native Venezuelan. The role of Ingrid's husband is a Mexican actor, Valentino Lanus. Okay. So far so good, but the actress playing the part of Ingrid, who happens to be the star of the story is Caterina Murino, an Italian actress. Que que? Murino is the former Bond girl in the 2006 James Bond movie, Casino Royale.

Really? They couldn't find one Latina to play the part of a Latina? Was Sofia Vergara busy? JLo not interested? Eva Longoria too expensive? Please, Hollywood, fess up. As if we didn't have a pool of incredible Latina talent to choose from.