WGAW Decries Verizon-Comcast Deal

By Nikki Finke, Deadline.com

The Writers Guild West has issued a statement on today's decisions by both the FCC and the Obama Administration's Justice Department to bless that Verizon cable deal with Comcast. Consumer advocates say this pretty much ends prospects that cable and phone companies will vigorously compete in wired and wireless broadband:

"Consumers and content creators were dealt a blow today with the approval of the Verizon-cable company transactions. Despite the limitations put in place by the Department of Justice, some of the largest providers of video, broadband and wireless services will still be able use their power to control these markets. This amounts to a sanctioned collaboration among supposed competitors that will, in fact, reduce competition in telecommunications and close the door on the development of a robust wireless video market that could increase the variety and diversity of content offered to consumers."