Call for Entries: Hola Mexico Film Festival

The Hola Mexico Film Festival is the biggest Mexican film festival in the world. We screen in more than 10 cities, with a showcase in USA and Australia. We present the best films that come out of Mexico in a festive atmosphere bringing audiences to see Mexican films.

The festival brings film directors to present their films to audiences, media and distributors.

For details and submission information, please visit the festival's website.


The main part of the festival is made by 15 dramatic entries. They range in various genres; from comedy, drama, action, sci-fi, etc. The Hola Mexico Film Festival looks for the best produced films regardless of popular, artistic or commercial appeal. We encourage well produced films that can move and change the audience.

Documentaries have been growing in Mexico in the past 5 years. Many experts suggest the quality in filmmaking seen in recent documentaries go beyond those of fiction films. The Hola Mexico Film Festival is looking for the best documentaries from Mexican filmmakers.

Short Films
The Hola Mexico Film Festival is looking for the best short films out there. We want to see variety in story telling and genres. Open to animation, black and white, comedy, documentary and every single idea that can be captures on video.