Free Workshop "How to Ask People for Money," May 7 in NYC

Andrew Frank presents the third in a series of workshops "How to Ask People for Money - a primer for the Individual Artist" on Monday May 7th 7 - 9 PM, at the Huron club of the Soho Playhouse, 15 Van Dam Street, near Ave. of the Americas, and the C, E, Spring Street subway stop. Presented as part of Dramatic Question Theatre's Second Stage events. 

Andrew Frank (associate producer Lombardi on Broadway, Executive Director of Making Books Sing, founding member of Manhattan Theatresource) has spent over 15 years raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for shows. 

While the context of this workshop is raising money for for theatre, many of the principles apply to raising money for film.

You don't need to have been at the previous two workshops to get a ton of info out of this one. 

More information at the Dramatic Question Theatre fan page on facebook.

Reserve yourself a space for the workshop by clicking on this link: