How to Raise Money From Grants, Crowdfunding and Networks.

We interviewed author, international speaker and NALIP mentor Fernanda Rossi in anticipation of her workshop in Los Angeles, on April 21st with special discount to NALIP members (to register click here and use promotional code NALIPTRAILER ).

NALIP: What’s new in the world of fundraising demos since your first workshops and first book Trailer Mechanics?
Fernanda Rossi: Plenty has changed, now there are many more platforms and ways to raise money. That in turn created new demands on filmmakers. Now they need to have different type of samples depending on the venue. For example, for a grant, they request something between 10 and 20 minutes, while at a pitch forum you can’t show more than 3 or 4 minutes, and for a crowdfunding campaign you need to add yourself at the beginning. All these new developments means that’s why the workshop is bursting at the seams at 9 hours, with information added as recently as two months ago, while the book went from 150 pages to 330 pages.

NALIP: What are the most common mistakes when making demos?
FR: In the workshop I try to cover as many as I can. The first and most common mistake is the difference between a marketing trailer – that is a collage of flashy images and provocative sound bites – and a fundraising trailer, which is a collection of meaningful scenes. We go deep into studying very carefully how to create those scenes, a long list of best practices and how to maximize the return on investment on the demo.

NALIP: What’s the difference between the workshop and the book?
FR: The book has not only the theory but also interviews to more than 25 industry executives. At the workshop I screen lots of before/after case studies, as well as successful trailers that raised considerable amount of money. Also at the workshop one demo from the audience is selected for analysis and we raffle a gift certificate. Both are very interactive in their own way, the book with hands-on exercises, and at the workshop just by raising your hand!

To register use promotional code NALIPTRAILER

About Fernanda Rossi: Author, international speaker and story consultant Fernanda Rossi has doctored more than 300 documentaries, fiction scripts and fundraising samples, including two Academy Award nominees and several projects getting funds from ITVS, NEH and NFB. She is the author of Trailer Mechanics, 2nd edition 2012.