NALIP and NHMC Thank the Media Access Project

NALIP and the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) lament that a historic advocate for diversity and inclusion in media and telecommunications spheres - the Media Access Project (MAP) - will be closing its doors on May 1, 2012.  
Founded in 1973, MAP has been the leading public interest law firm representing clients seeking to promote the free flow of information and a diversity of voices in the electronic mass and emerging media.
For nearly forty years, MAP and its long-standing leader, Andrew Jay Schwartzman, have been behind almost every positive policy change in the media and telecommunications field, including countless FCC and court victories. In addition, MAP has been a great friend to NHMC, providing counsel on a number of issues regarding how Latinos are portrayed in the media, as well as Latinos' ability to access affordable media and telecommunications services.
"We are losing a giant in the media reform field. NHMC has relied on MAP's wise counsel for many years now and I am saddened by this news," stated NHMC's President and CEO, Alex Nogales. "This is heartbreaking news for all of us that care about media justice," stated NHMC's Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs, Jessica González. "The media reform movement is losing a great thought leader in MAP, but we are also losing an amazing training ground for up and coming media reform advocates. I got my start as a summer law clerk at the Media Access Project. Andy, Harold Feld and Parul Desai were my mentors. I am so sad that other aspiring advocates will not be able to benefit from MAP's fine traditions and Andy's expertise. I want to personally thank Andy and MAP for really making this movement what it is today, and for opening the doors for me to work in this space."