INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Packaging For SAG Ultra Low Budget - Can It Be Done?

In the last few case studies in our Myth Busters series, weve looked at films in the $1-$5 million range. But what about films in the ultra low budget range ($250K or less)? Most people argue with me 'til the cows come home that at these low budget levels, name cast are impossible. OK sure, BIG name cast are not likely to attach themselves to an ultra low budget film (why would they?), but you can still get recognizable talent at these low budget ranges that will infinitely increase your chances of getting some kind of distribution later.

So my question then is why wouldn't you try and package your ultra low budget film with name talent? That's right no excuses!

Enter producer David Stever who did just that with his film Coffin. He first wrote to me and wanted me to instill confidence in my readers that YES, packaging an ultra low budget film really is possible! So I suggested we do a case study so you could hear it from the horse's mouth and here it is below.
What is the name and log line of your film?
Businessman, Jack Samms, comes home late one night only to find a menacing stranger in his home. The stranger, known only as Trick, tells Jack that his wife and her lover trapped inside an air-tight wooden box. Trick gives Jack an ultimatum; get him a large sum of money within 75 minutes, or else the couple suffocates inside the box. A dangerous battle of wits ensues as Jack races against the clock to get the money and save his wife, while avoiding the detectives now on his trail. Will he make it in time?

The movie stars Kevin Sorbo, Bruce Davison, Sunny Doench, and Johnny Alonso. Released through Artist View Entertainment.