Angel Manuel Soto

Angel Manuel Soto is a Puerto Rican Film Director and VR Content Creator. Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, he studied architecture and advertising and now travels all over the world to film, including Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, France, USA, and Puerto Rico. NALIP screened his film "La Granja" for its Los Angeles premiere.

For Angel, #WeAreInclusion means family. It means being welcomed, it means "Ponerte Adelante" which translates to put yourself in front of people. Through NALIP, Angel has been able to find a supportive community that is interested in the stories Latinos want to tell. “‘We need trust one another. We need to have each others back. I think when you have a unified front it's truly hard to break it.”

Angel’s work consists of narrative fiction and documentaries in which social injustices drive the main themes of his films. His influence stems from seeing his home country Puerto Rico perpetuated by colonialism as well as seeing the injustices happening around the world such as in the Middle East, in Europe, in Southern America, Central America and the brother islands of the Caribbean. His film “Dinner Party” features the first ever recorded alien abduction in 1961 and touches on the subject of racism in America. Follow Angel Manuel Soto on Instagram/Twitter.